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Awwww thanks so much!!

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Talk about the thing you’re most proud of:

I’m proud of myself for getting into a good college. My parents always stressed to me how important it was to get a good education and succeed because they always wanted me to have more then they did, and I think I made them proud. Also, I was never, ever the smart kid, people even said I was stupid. I still don’t consider myself a “smart kid,” I had to work like crazy to get where I am, and I personally think truly smart people can do the same and better without having to work as hard. Nevertheless, I never thought I’d be able to consider the schools that I was able to consider, so it felt good to prove myself to the people who didn’t believe in me.

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Hi :)

Considering changing my icon pic back to this cuz I love it so much ❤️
where'd you get that flamingo shirt.... obsessed! asked by Anonymous

It’s from piperlime!